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  1. Anonyme dit :

    (‘Here is the real story: Booker was stranded in LA. Jerry heard this and suggested that they get him to SF to play some Jerry dates. Garcia was a big fan of his, and figured this would be a good way to help out a great musician who was down on his luck. Booker was brought to the bay area, but frankly had no idea who the hell Jerry was. Booker misunderstood that someone had booked some date for him and these rehearsals were for him to break in a local band to his act, not for him to learn his parts for some Jerry Garcia shows. When the rehearsals began Booker, thinking he was the band leader, took control. The entire tape is quite funny, Booker explaining to the band where he’ll introduce everyone, where they can take a break, etc. Jerry, being the sensitive soul he was, didn’t have the heart to tell Booker any different, and the shows went on that weekend at the Keystone clubs with Jerry basically backing Booker. Deadheads were confused, to say the least.’)

  2. tradaddictionnal dit :


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