nme« When considering The
Rolling Stones’ imperial phase of 1968
to 1972, one is tempted to recall the
time-worn maxim coined by the great
Hunter S Thompson: “I’d hate to advocate
drugs, alcohol or insanity to anyone,
but they’ve always worked for me.” The
turmoil with which the band struggled
through the remainder of the 1970s –
Keith Richards’ descent into full-blown,
drug-addled uselessness, coupled with a
run of underwhelming albums that only
ended on 1978’s ‘Some Girls’ – is often
overlooked in the rush to romanticise the
elegantly wasted manner in which they
sauntered through this gilded age, creating
some of rock’n’roll’s most enduring odes
to sex, death and debauchery along the
way. It’s true, drugs, alcohol and insanity
sometimes worked for The Rolling Stones.
But the decidedly unsexy concepts of brand
management, business acumen and sound
financial advice would prove far more
reliable in the long run. »

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